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Ana Fataccioli

Ana Fataccioli

Ana, a former engineer, due to her love for sewing became a Fashion Designer. She has been trained in Italy, South America and Australia.

Ana has a Diploma in Fashion Design with a major in Patternmaking, Grading and Clothing Technology. Also, she is a VET accredited trainer, Tailor, Couturier and  participates as a judge in Fashion Competitions in Brisbane.

Her experience crosses more than 30 years, through hobbyist Dressmaker, Fashion student, RAQ finalist, Patternmaker for small businesses, and Manufacturer of her own labels in Italy, Peru and Australia. Ana applied all her knowledge and experience, when she established her own Fashion School in 1997:  The Sewing Workshop ™. Since then, Ana has been teaching absolutely all aspects of Sewing, Fitting and Patternmaking to more than 3500 students.

Ana is the author of her unique Patternmaking method to develop blocks, and she published her DVD "Sewing Zippers", which is stocked in most public libraries in Australia.

Ana is a freelance patternmaker and in the 23 years she has been in Australia, she has helped new and established small businesses by making patterns for them.

Also, Ana has a clothing alterations shop, "Alter to Fit". Her business specializes in designer wear alterations
from Jeans ...... to Bridal.

Ana, also, offers couture services at her shop at Mt Gravatt and at Loganlea by appointment only.


The Sewing Workshop™ is an unrivalled Dressmaking School, with a well-rounded program to teach you to excel in diverse areas of fashion.  Established Brisbane in 1997, our niche is not only our industry trained professional teachers and our individually specialized programs, but also our small classes, in which we can ensure each student receives one on one attention, to maximize their learning so they can master the art of sewing.
Over the last 13 years, we have perfected our courses which span over an array of specialities for you to choose from.  We have had various successes in teaching, Designing, Patternmaking, Fitting and Dressmaking, with over 2,500 satisfied students from all over Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, and as far as Gympie, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Ballina, and Lismore.

Ana and Carmen and her patterns With a lot of pride, we have seen many of these students thrive in the sewing and patternmaking field.  Some of our students come to learn for their family or themselves, whilst others come to perfect with skills or learn for their careers.  We have students who; have gone on to work as patternmakers and graders for Dancing schools, have started their own designer labels, who are working at home as Dressmakers, who set up a Bridal shop IN Brisbane, who have started their own clothing alteration business, who have created their own patterns and sell on the internet and even one who has set up her own Dressmaking school in Melbourne which has been running successfully for over 5 years.   And finally , 5 of our students who are now teaching Home Economics at Schools using our method and what they learned.  Their success is our success!!!!

We teach to an industry standard.  And with our intimate classes and creative atmosphere, our students tend to create a rapport with each other, interchanging tips and secrets with the help and support of our highly-trained teachers, who also pass on their knowledge from their industry experience.Finally be  100% sure when you enrol, you are going to learn properly:




Ana teaching student

The Sewing Workshop ™ offers SEMI-PRIVATE TUITION with a maximum of 5 STUDENTS at a time. These small classes guarantee the individual attention of a private lesson in a very small group at a very affordable price per hour. So, you learn quicker than bigger classes, (whose minimum number of students are more than our maximum).  At the end, you SAVE TIME AND MONEY, learning quickly yet thoroughly. WE FOCUS ON ONE OF ONE TUITION.
That always was and is our strength. Education guaranteed.

You will have your own program, own project and you will work at your own pace. Students find themselves enjoying the company of other like-minded students with the added advantage of learning further sewing techniques from each other’s projects.
Due to the undeniable high standard of teaching and learning, classes fill very quickly with weeks if not months in advance.  So, if you are interested in enrolling now or later, our advice is contact us as soon as possible and put your name down for your desired day/time.




We offer on-going classes, 5 week block cycles only. We can accommodate for lessons on a weekly or fortnightly basis, depending on what suits you and the availability of places.
After the first block, students can enrol in further blocks. The length of the time you attend is up to you. Start and stop when you want. The duration of the classes vary from 2, 3 or 3.5 hrs, depending on the class. Have a look at our timetable. Make sure to have the days of your booked lessons free, as we don’t offer make up lessons.



ANA FATACCIOLI .-  See  her experience on the Ana's Services page.

Stephie's portraitSTEPHANIE HUDSON.-
Three years ago, Stephanie received a sewing machine for her birthday, and enrolled in a round of beginner sewing lessons from The Sewing Workshop. She started from the basics, learning how to sew with Ana on Saturdays around studying a Bachelor of Creative Industries from QUT, majoring in Fashion Theory and Visual Art. For three years Stephanie studied Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced dressmaking with Ana as well as Patternmaking Level 1 and 2.



Students and their certificates


Ana Fataccioli is a VET accredited trainer.  The Sewing Workshop™ will give the students a Certificate of attendance which acknowledges the completion of the Level achieved. The topics covered are on the certificate the student will receive.


The advantage of THE SEWING WORKSHOP™ is that our students have the freedom of choosing their projects with the recommendations of our staff according to their skill level.  You will learn from commercial patterns which are at your disposal from fabric retailers.  This way, you can do your own home projects applying the skills, techniques and tricks of the trade you learn with us.
By using commercial patterns, you will learn:Commercial patterns in a class

Of course, you have to choose your pattern according with your sewing ability.
For our students who did Patternmaking I or II with us, we encourage you to design and make the pattern in Dressmaking classes under the teacher’s supervision and keep practice your Patternmaking skills, liberating yourselves of the use of commercial patterns.  It is about PRACTICE, PRATICE, PRACTICE !




JulieAnne Dress



Fitting is an imperative stage in Dressmaking, which we implement in the dressmaking  course.  We teach fitting techniques in each garment you make, so you learn to make changes on your pattern according with your posture and figure.
Commercial patterns have been developed using standard measurements; for 20 year old, B cup bodies.  So most of the time, there are changes to be made which you will learn with us. If you have AA, A, C, D, DD cup or have a tummy, big hips, flat bottom, or uneven shoulders etc... join the group, we make changes to the pattern, as we can’t change the body.
We use tissue-pin fitting as well as simple maths to do the changes when tissue fitting is not required.



Julie-Anne showing her perfect fitted dress.







We recommend you bring your own sewing machine to teach you how to use their feet, fix the tension and solve common problems we experience during sewing. But if your machine is too heavy or you don’t have one because you are beginner, we can provide you with one of our many, top range, easy to use machines.  The class room is equip with irons, sleeve boards and hams for ironing, overlockers, cover stitch machine and an overlocker permanently set on the roll hem setting.
The sewing equipment you need and must bring are :





Feel free to take advantage our Modern Library. We have over 300 books and more than 50 DVDs and videos which covers all aspects of Patternmaking, Fitting, Design and Dressmaking.The collection date from year 2000 onwards, so all content covered is up to date.Photocopier, computer, internet and printer are also available for the students.


DVD ”How to Sew Zippers”

New zippers DVDDo you have problems with zippers? Does your finished garment have that home-made look because your zipper has teeth showing and crooked sewing lines? Not any more!

Ana Fataccioli has produced a unique DVD which shows you how to sew six different type of zippers. The DVD uses simple language and combined with the easy to follow instructions. You will end up with a successful sewing experience with professional results.

Topics covered: centred zipper, lapped zippers, fly front zipper, invisible zippers, exposed zippers and zippered pocket - six kinds of zippers with different finishing such as with a waistband, facings and linings. Duration 115 minutes.



Students Showing their Creations

Pattern and sewing by Alison

Pattern and Sewing by Alison

Dress made by Thuy

Thuy: Dressmaking for Beginners

Pattern and sewing by Louise

Pattern and Sewing by Louise

Nim showing her dress

Nim's Perfect Dress

Michelle showing her jacket

Beautiful Michelle's Jacket

Charlotte showing her dress

Charlotte's Knit Dress

Sara showing her dress

Sara's Perfect Fitted Top

Wendy showing her jacket

Wendy's Smart Jacket

Wendy showing her top

Wendy's Original Top

Annie showing her dress

Annie's Gorgeous Kaftan

Tiphaine showing her pyjama

Tiphaine's Pyjama Pant

Teenager showing her apron

Teeager's Apron

Two ladies showing their dress

Beginners Top and Dress

Teenager showing her skirt

Teenager Boxer Short

Anne Louise showing her dress

Anne Louise's Unique Dress

Lyn's jacket

Rossanne's Dress

Good fitting

Student's Original Dress

Tracy and Dress

Teri's Dress

Silver dress

Intermediate Student's Dress

Teen garment

Dress made by Teenager

Steph jacket

Kathy's Blouse

Rosalind in her wedding dress

Rosalind in her wedding dress

Cheryl in her dress

Louise's Dress

Simone in her wedding dress

Simone in her wedding dress

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